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People of Interest - Whitby

Famous People of Whitby

Whitby Coastline map



Bram Stoker - Bram Stoker, born in Dublin in the year 1847, had a very troubled childhood, riddled with illness and suffering from a late development to speech. Bram Stoker went on to become a highly popular member of "Trinity College", where he was also a very successful sportsman.

Captain James Cook - James Cook and his wife Grace lived in a cottage in the village of Marton in Cleveland, where he worked as a farm labourer. It was here on 27th October 1728, their second son, James Cook was born, destined to cross the oceans of the World

Captain William Scoresby - William Scoresby (senior), was born on 3rd May 1760, in the village of Cropton, twenty miles south west of Whitby, on a small farming estate called Nutholm. His attendance at school was very spasmodic, due partly to the distance from his home plus the adverse weather conditions encountered.

Frank Meadow Suttcliffe - Francis Meadow Sutcliffes  father Thomas Sutcliffe, was a member of "The Institute of Painters in Water Colours", though he saw a great future in photography and likely owned his first camera in Leeds.

Sir Hugh Cholmley - Whitby is documented in an extraordinary collection of papers written by Sir Hugh Cholmley between 1648 and his death in 1657.  An important figure in Yorkshire, Sir Hugh produced three so called "Memorials" describing events in the Civil War, among them an account of his defence of his defence of Scarborough Castle in 1645.

St Hilda of Whitby Abbey - Hilde - Hild - Hilda, lived in the 7th century AD. It takes some mental effort and imagination, as well as knowing something f the history, to get back to those days and circumstances. The ruined Whitby Abbey as seen today, climbing the 199 steps from Whitby harbour eastside, was built over 500 years after the death of Hild, but the strength of her personality and character still pervades this place today.

Dracula - The story of  Dracula  is one of the best selling books of all time throughout the world. The author,  Bram Stoker  writing Dracula a story of the undead is perhaps the best known tale of all horror of horrors that has ever been published and read.

Rex Greenwood - The late Rex Greenwood was town mayor, tourist guide dressed as Captain James Cook, Story teller of Bram Stokers Dracula, dressed as Dracula. In many eyes of the locals, Rex was "Mr Whitby". A person who loved the atmosphere of the town, loved talking to people, loved telling many tales and was a good friend to all who knew him.